At Coastal we offer an extensive range of doors in uPvc and also our stunning composite door range.

Our composite door is a 65mm fibreglass reinforced door with a double rebate using two seals, achieving the best possible draught proofing.

The door is glazed internally and fitted with the latest high security hook & shootbolt locking systems making it the most secure door on the market. 


All our uPVC doors are fully reinforced including the panels and are fitted with our latest high security locking systems.
All doors are double rebated offering  the best possible draught proofing.

There are many colours to choose from including white, cream, red, black, blue, ceaderwood, oak & Ash. You can also choose to have a different colour on one side than the other i.e. Red on the outside & white on the inside.

We also provide French Doors, back doors, sliding patio doors & commercial doors.